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Online Jobs - Get Paid to Chat Online

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Get Paid to Chat - Legitimate Online Jobs Websites.

Below is the list of Legitimate Paid to Chat websites that are looking for people like you to join and start making money right away. This is what you have been looking for.
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# 1. My Lot - Get Paid To Chat.

My Lot is an enormous discussion board, blogging community, questions and answers hub, social network and online hangout that pays you for your valuable contributions.

Payment : Payment are made through PayPal.

Country : International.

Link : My Lot


# 2. Arise - Get Paid to Chat.

Use the Arise Platform to make money from home.

Pay : $9 - $19 an hour for satisfactory answers.

Country : U.K, U.S, Canada.

Link : Arise


# 3. Maven - Get Paid to Chat.

Pay : Users will pay after they receive answers from you.

Country : International.

Link : Maven


# 4. Square Up - Get Paid to Chat.

Pay : $17 per hour.

Country : United State.

Link : Square Up


# 5.  Text 121 Chat - Get Paid to Chat.

There are three different types of job available at Text 121 Chat.

  • You can apply to become an operator.
  • You can be a bilingual operator.
  • You can work on adult phone services.

Pay : Pay through PayPal.

Country : International.

Link :  Text 121 Chat


# 6.Talk 2 Rep - Get Paid to Chat.

Talk 2 Rep are always searching for new talent individual who want to earn easy income from home.

Link : Talk 2 Rep



Get Paid to Chat Online with Men.

Being a Hostess. Chat Hosting is the opportunity for women over 18 years of age who are ready to chat with their clients about anything. Get paid to chat with men is a good way to earn some money at the comfort of your home.

# 1. Flirt Bucks - Online Jobs.

Flirt Bucks are looking for Chat Hostesses motivated women who enjoy chatting and socializing online and are looking to earn big bucks.

Pay :Get paid by Check or PayPal.

Country : United States, Canada, United Kingdom , and Australia.

Link : Flirt Bucks


# 2. Chat Recruit - Online Jobs.

Chat Recruit offering models and women globally the best opportunity to make money at home with your own home based business. Join their team as phone hosts, webcam models, and psychic phone chat hosts

Pay : You can earn up to $2 per minute every time you chat

Link : Chat Recruit


# 3. Dream Love - Online Jobs.

This is another website that pays people to chat and flirt. Work from anywhere your mobile phone  allows. Open women 18 years and older from all over the world to participate. 

Link : Dream Lover


# 4. My Girl Fund - Online Jobs.

My Gil Fund is an opportunity for women who enjoy fun and flirty with interesting clients to make money.

Link : My Girl Fund


# 5. Lip Service - Get Paid to Chat.

Get paid one of the highest rates for talk time offered. You must be 18+ years of age apply and for some positions you may need to be over 21.

Pay : You may be paid $0.06 per message.

Country : Open to United States or Canada.

Link : Lip Service


# 6. Chat Operator Jobs - Get Paid to Chat.

Looking for American female sex chat operators must be at least 25 years of age, PayPal account is needed to receive payments and you are required to answer at least 75 text messages each week.

Pay : You may be paid $0.20 per message.

Country : Open to United States or Canada.

Link : Chat Operator Jobs



Get Paid to Chat App.

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