Work at Home Medical Jobs

Medical Jobs


There are many companies that offer work from home positions in the medical field. You can do everything from billing, coding, telephone triage, and case manament.


Telephone Triage

  • Carenet - Hires regstered nurses to work from home as "care advisors."
  • FoneMed - Fonemed is one of the biggest companies that hires registered nurses to work from the comfort of their own home.
  • Nemours - Occasionally hiring for work at home telephone triage.
  • PFL Biotech - Has occassional openings for night nurses to work at home. Must have a minimum 2-years degree in medical field and active nurse license.
  • Triage 4 Pediatrics - Hires home - based telephone triage nurses. Must have a Texas RN license.


Case Management

  • Aetna - Aetna is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Hires work from home nurse case regularly.
  • American Internationally Group (AIG) - Hires work from home case managers and medical reviews.
  • Cigna - Hires RN's to do case management from home on occasion. Search "wrk from home" in the keywork field on the main site.

    Medical Coder

  • Amphion Medical - This company hires for medical coding and coding reviewers.
  • Code Busters - This company hires medical coders to work from home. Choose your hours and work as much or as little as you want per day.
  • Conifer Health - Hires remote medical coders and offers flexible hours.
  • Aviacode - This company hires medical coders to work from home. Will need to have at least 3 years of experience in various medical specialties.
  • M*modal - This company hires work at home medical coders.


 Medical Transcriptionists

  • Ascend - This company hires medical transcriptionists. A minimum of 3 years prior experience is required.
  • Accentus - Hires medical transcriptionists and coders with at leasr 3 - 5 year prior experience to work from home. Open to canada.
  • Diversified Reporting Services - Hires transcriptionist to work from home. 
  • Fast Chart  - Hires medical transcriptionists with at least 2 years of prior experience.
  • MT Jobs - Has a list of positions in medical transcription.
  • SpectraMedi - Medical transcription work.
  • Tiger Fish - Hire Transcriptionists to work from home.
  • Phoenix Medcome - Hires in acute and medical transcription. Must have 3 + years of experienc in acute care and 2 + years experience in transcription.
  • Precyse - Hires in transcription, coding, file auditing and more.
  • StenoMed - Medical transcription work.


Medical Review Specialist

Medical Writer


Telehealth RN


Telephone Interviewer


Home Based Radiologist


Home - Based Physician

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